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What is back and lay in betting - explanation + websites

Now you place 6.62 Euros on the Draw which would mean you get the profit of the “back”-bet” of 38.40 Euros (6.62 stake x 6.8 – 6.62 stake = 38.40) in case of a Draw. In case of a Win by either Team A or B you will get your 10 Euros from the “lay”-bet, less the amount of the “back”-bet (10 Euros “lay”-profit – 6.62 Euros “back”-loss = 3.38 Euros clear profit).

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By pitting the customers against one another, a betting exchange gives you the option to lay the bet on an outcome not likely to happen. In betting exchanges, on one side of the bet, there are backers who back an event to happen, and there are layers who lay bets on an event not happening. Both backers and layers in back and lay betting sites bet against each other by agreeing on specific odds of an outcome.

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What Does Back and Lay Mean in Betting? Essentially, back and lay betting is a strand of matched betting. This is where betters take advantage of free bet deals to put money on one outcome, while they effectively ‘sell’ a bet on the other outcome via what is known as a betting exchange. Don’t worry too much about the nitty-gritty!

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By using this back and lay betting strategy, your two bets effectively cancel each other out making matched betting completely risk-free. Before you access a free bet or bonus, you often need to stake a certain amount of money. So an offer may look something like: Bet £10, Get £30.

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Answer (1 of 4): It’s very simple. When you back your bet, it means that something will happen and if you lay your back it means that something will not happen.

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Back-to-lay and lay-to-back. In a nutshell. One of the Exchange's most significant advantages is allowing bettors to lock in a guaranteed profitin a market, or at least creating a position where ...

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When you back something to win, the most that you are going to lose is your initial stake. In a lay bet, your overall liability, or risk, can be greater. The total risk involved is therefore the amount the bet will cost you if your selection (that you backed to lose) actually wins.

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