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Defensive Drill - Big Man Perimeter Isolation

Instructions: 1. Make sure you only run one group at a time on each end of the floor. If you run them at the same time they will get... 2. Start the drill by having a group at each ends of the court go first. The guard will either get a score, or the big...

Defending Against a Dominant Post Player - Basketball Training

A defender can front the ball, or even lock the opposing player’s dominant hand. This can prevent the entry pass entirely, or, at the very least, make the opposing big man uncomfortable and increase the chances that they will fumble the ball. Denying the ball in the paint should be a team effort. The point guard or whoever else would be making the entry pass should be be harassed and bothered by the defender.

How to: STOP BIG AND TALL POST PLAYERS!!! Basketball Defense ...

How to stop big and tall post players and become a lockdown defender. Basketball secrets to playing great post defense. Use these tips to play unstoppable po...


In this video we'll go through 3 Defensive Basketball Tips to help YOU STOP BIG, TALL, and STRONGER Players on The Court! Being able to use your IQ and Speed...

How to coach, teach and use the basketball man-to-man defenses

Man-to-man basketball defense makes it possible to match players against opponents of equal size, skill, and quickness. Each player is assigned a particular opponent and held responsible, defensively, for that player. After each game, the most popular item in a basketball dressing room is the scorebook.

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4 Strategies For Defending A Dominant Post Player

In the Man To Man Defense Video, Coach Jim Huber talks about four defensive adjustments that he’s used when playing against a dominant post player. Perimeter Players Dig With a pass into the post, the closest perimeter defenders immediately “dig” down on the ball to try to force the ball back out of the post.

Basketball Defense - Junk (Combination) Defenses, Coach's ...

This defense is weak in the high post area and corners. If you are getting burned in the high post, or the star goes out and plays the point, consider switching to the "3-1 and a chaser" (above). "Triangle and 2" Use this defense against a team with two excellent scorers and three average players. Two defenders play man-to-man against the two scorers.

Coaching Defensive Basketball - Basketball Coaching

And there is only one answer – with a double team. If you don’t have the height to defend a dynamic post scorer, you have to use the speed and mobility of your team to your advantage. An attacking defense with a strong double team will force the post player to give the ball up and even give you a chance at a deflection.