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Lockdown Defense - PGC Basketball

Tall or short, strong or weak, quick or slow, lockdown defenders are made, not born. Here are the four keys to becoming a lockdown defender that I wish I would have known while I was still playing. 1. Make a commitment to yourself. Before we talk technique, you must understand it starts with a commitment to yourself.

How To Be A LOCKDOWN Defender! Basketball Defense Tips - YouTube

How To Be A LOCKDOWN Defender! Basketball Defense TipsFREE professional ball handling workout - http://gethandles.comGet the Quick Cross Workout: https://get...

14 Tips to Lockdown Defense - Otter Basketball

14 Tips to Lockdown Defense. Take them off their line and get them out of rhythm. Have a good stance (get low) Know your coaches system. Be vocal. Read the scouting report. Close the window and box out. Understand full-court defensive principles. See the person your guarding and the ball at all times.

Lockdown Defense: Developing Elite Basketball Defenders ...

Lockdown Defense is the ultimate book on developing this critical aspect of defense. The book contains 200 pages with over 60 techniques and 28 drills expanding across 10 chapters of individual defense: on-ball, closeouts, post defense, gap defense, rim protection, ball screen defense, recovery techniques, team scheme and toughness.

Basketball Defense Drills - How to Develop Lockdown Defense ...

We recommend these basketball defense plays only if your players are experienced at person-to-person maneuvers and can retreat quickly enough if and when necessary. 6 Basketball Defense Plays 1. One on One Defensive Basketball Drills. These are multipurpose basketball closeout drills that you can use to develop both offense and defense.

How to Become a Lockdown Defender: On-Ball Defense - YouTube

If you can't lock down on defense, your ability to change the game will drop significantly. Although defense is su... Defense is half of the game of basketball.

NBA "Lockdown Defense" MOMENTS - YouTube

NBA "Lockdown Defense" MOMENTS showcases some of the greatest defensive plays in recent NBA History. It includes players such as Kawhi Leonard, Lonzo Ball, L...

Guarding in Basketball: Tips to Good Lockdown Defense

What is Lockdown Defense in Basketball? Lockdown defense is a term used in a lot of basketball circles, but what does it mean? The truth is, lockdown defense is based on perception and may vary based on who you ask. Offense in today’s game of basketball is very versatile. Often rule changes are made to accommodate the offense.