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Basketball GM strategies? : BasketballGM

I tend to try to get one of the best Forwards in the game to build around with many traits (a Lebron for example, but preferably younger). Keep a young team. I always try to get guys with traits. You want a couple Di's, a Dp, multiple guys who can shoot 3's, one or two of each B and Ps, and a couple R's.

Tips for expert level : UBasketballGM

Ultimate Basketball GM is a free mobile game that offers you the chance to become a GM of a professional basketball franchise and lead your organisation to glory. Control every aspect of your franchise: Player and staff Management, Finances, facilities and much much more. Your franchise. your dynasty! Get it for free on iOS and Android.

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Tanking is allowed. ...but try not to get fired! Plan ahead to manage the salary cap. Keep track of your finances revenue and expenses. Build your legacy. Play-by-play live box scores. Team and player advanced stats. Legendary players make the HoF Hall of Fame. Deeply customizable.

NBA 2K19 MyGM: Tips for Budding General Managers - Operation ...

Keep Your Word. When starting a standard MyGM without the story mode, players are tasked with picking the franchise they want to run. Each team has an owner with a different personality type. Owners will be concerned with things like team image, making money, being involved in the day to day, and so on.

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How to Create a College League in BBGM. Add however many teams you want. Make the playoffs all one game series’s. Have 30 games in the regular season. 2 periods, each 20 minutes. Adjust the bonus rules, (can’t remember them off the top of my head but the Internet is your friend). 5 fouls to foul ...

37 Basketball Training Tips, Strategies, and Secrets

Basketball Training Tips Summary: Always have a workout plan. Treat your workouts like doctors appointments. Shooting is the most important skill in basketball. Elite shooters make 1,500 shots per week. Always keep a detailed shooting log. Perfect your shooting technique. Start every workout with form shooting.

NBA 2K21 MyGM Guide to Build a Successful Franchise

Choose your franchise and assess your roster. Here are the set-ups for every team at the start of the 2020/2021 season in NBA 2K21 MyGM: If you take over a contender, then your roster should be ready-made to fight for a championship. You probably won’t need to look for trades unless things aren’t going as planned.

7 Best Basketball Tips for Beginners (WORKING)

Don’t give a jerk to the ball while shooting or passing. Throw the basketball with the force of fingers. Never show back to the basketball: Always play the basketball with front pose only whether you are aggressing to the rim or defending the rim. Players make mistake to turn back to the ball while defending.