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How the Hammer Betting Game is Played in Golf

Hammer (or "Hammers") is a golf betting game for two golfers playing 1-vs.-1, or a group of four golfers playing 2-vs.-2. Before we describe the most basic version of Hammer, be aware that groups and golfers who are longtime Hammer players are likely to have their own (sometimes idiosyncratic) interpretation of the "rules" of the bet and it can get very complicated very fast.

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The Rules of Hammer: • The game is match play (gross or net, team or individual) • Each hole starts with an established bet (i.e., $1, $2, $5, etc.) • At any point, any player can “hammer” the other team, which doubles the bet on the hole. • The receiving team can accept the challenge and play the hole out for double, or forfeit the hole (and current bet) immediately.

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At any time during the hole, a player can Hammer (or press) the hole. If accepted, the hole is worth double, and if conceded, the player who hammered wins the skin regardless of the final scores. A player cannot hammer two times in a row on a given hole, but players can hammer back any number of times. Skins are accumulated throughout the round and wagers are made either per skin or to the player or team with the most skins at the end of the round.

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Team 2 would likely hammer it to $20, but if Team 1 then hits a beautiful shot out of the rough to five feet from the hole, they can then hammer back the other team and make the hole worth $40. Back-and-forth it goes: If Team 2 then puts it to 10 feet from the hole and subsequently drains the putt, they would re-hammer Team 1 and make them drain their five-foot putt for $80.

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