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How to say impartial in Tamil - WordHippo

impartiality. impartially. impassability. impassable. impasse. impassion. Translate to Tamil. impartial. go.

Impartial in Tamil Meaning - Tamil to English Dictionary ...

Meaning of 'impartial'. நடுநிலை தவறாத.

Tamil Meaning of Impartial - நடுநிலை தவறாத ஒருதலை சாயாத ...

impartial - tamil meaning of நடுநிலை தவறாத ஒருதலை சாயாத தப்பெண்ணமற்ற நடுநேர்மை வாய்ந்த. Home English to Tamil

impartial - Meaning in English

free from undue bias or preconceived opinions. Synonyms: unprejudiced. Examples. - an unprejudiced appraisal of the pros and cons. - the impartial eye of a scientist. showing lack of favoritism. Example. - the cold neutrality of an impartial judge.

English into Tamil Translation - He is always impartial ...

Tamil Meaning; A banian tree has many branches: ஆலமரத்தில் அதிக கிளைகள் உள்ளன: A banyan tree is big: ஒரு ஆலமரம் பெரியதாக இருக்கிறது: A book has been prepared. But it is not yet published

impart - English to Tamil Meaning | Tamil lexicon | Dictionary

impartial நடுநிலை தவறாத, ஒருதலை சாயாத, தப்பெண்ணமற்ற, நடுநேர்மை வாய்ந்த. impartible

IMPARTIAL | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

impartial definition: 1. not supporting any of the sides involved in an argument: 2. not supporting any of the sides…. Learn more.

How to say impartial in Hebrew

impartiality. impartially. imparting. impassability. impassable. impasse. Translate to Hebrew. impartial. go.

objective meaning in Tamil - objective தமிழ் பொருள் | Multibhashi

Definition in Tamil: Noun:இலக்கை அடையும் நோக்கம் (இது அடையக்கூடியது என நம்பப்படுகிறது)