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Is It Legal to Play International Lottery in India?

The good news is that playing international lotteries such as these is not only 100% legal in India, but also very easy. LEGALITY OF PLAYING LOTTERY ONLINE IN INDIA In 2017 the Supreme Court of India gave state governments the power to ban the sale of lottery tickets at their own discretion.

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It is legal to play international lotteries as they take place not in India but in some other country offshore where gambling is not an offence. It will not be treated as a crime in India but the winning amount brought in India will be taxed. Many Indians want to play lotteries in the hope to become a millionaire.

Is it legal to play international lottery in India?

The short answer to the question of is it legal to play international lotteries in India is that it actually is. There are a number of different things to know about picking the games you want to play and even where you’re going to buy your tickets from when you do decide to play some international games from India.

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So, is the EuroMillions legal to play for people in India? Yes. Indian has gambling laws which state that lotteries are legal. They also say that Indian sites cannot offer gambling games to Indians unless they are licensed. There is no such law preventing foreign sites (such as lottery betting sites) from doing so.

Is Lottery Legal in India - Lottoland India

The answer is yes, you can play the lottery legally in 13 of the 29 states in India. However, there are still places where it hasn’t been legalised although could be in coming years. Therefore, almost half of the country can play their own state lotteries as well as international ones at Lottoland.

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Playing international lottery online in India is legal, easy and convenient today with the boom in the technology sector and internet connectivity. Earlier, one had to stand in long queues to buy lottery tickets from specified vendors.

How to Legally (!) Play International Lottery from India

People living in other parts of India aren’t as lucky. Their only chance is to play an international lottery for a chance to win some much-needed cash. As far as international lotteries go, Indian citizens have a lot more freedom. Online lottery tickets in India provided via international websites are legal.

Legality of international online lotteries

you can play international lotteries. Indian citizens are free to win huge prizes thanks to international lotteries online. International lotteries are not subject to the usual Indian gambling laws as the draws take place outside the country allowing residents of all Indian states to play regardless of the gambling laws in any particular state. "Selling lottery tickets over the Internet isn't like selling heroin." ...