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Wrap an Overgrip on a Tennis Racket : 8 Steps (with Pictures ...

Hold the racket handle securely in your right hand while holding the overgrip in your left. With the racket handle still facing upwards, make the first wrap around the base of the handle. Continue to wrap the overgrip down the racket handle, moving from right to left at a downward angle. Consecutive rotations should overlap at about 1/8 inch.

GEAR GUIDE: How to Replace a Tennis Overgrip?

If you’re a right-handed player, the grip wrap should spiral down the handle from left to right; for lefties, it should spiral from right to left (if you’re a lefty and the grip is wrapped for a righty, replace the grip with one wrapped properly for you).

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The grip should move to the right while the racket handle turns to the left, so the end of the grip will go from left to right instead of right to left. Now that you have stuck on the sticky part with your right (dominant) hand, you will move your left hand up the racket and place your left thumb over the sticker part.

10 Best Tennis Overgrips for Sweaty Hands Reviews & Buyers Guide

Yonex Super Grap Overgrip – Best Racquet Grip For Sweaty Hands. Yonex is a popular choice of overgrip brands used by a number of players around the world. The Yonex Super Grap Overgrip feels just right in your hand, giving you a cozy feeling.

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Under normal conditions, most players will find an overgrip will begin to lose its tackiness after playing tennis on three or four separate occasions, at which time it may become more challenging to maintain a solid grip.

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When you unroll the overgrip you will see a long piece of grip tape rolled on the inside. Set that aside but keep in handy – you’ll need it at the end. Locate the adhesive tab on the tapered end of the overgrip – this will hold the overgrip in place at the bottom of your racket as you begin to wrap it. Now’s the fun part, it’s time to wrap!

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If you’re right-handed, you will be holding the racket with the left hand and the grip with your right hand. If you’re left handed, you’ll do the opposite. 4) The beginning is a little tricky, so you should hold the start of the overgrip in place with your thumb while you wrap the overgrip with your right hand, making sure the bottom of the overgrip is aligned with the bottom of the racket.

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For a right-handed player, start pulling the grip with the right hand and for the left-handed player; apply and pull with your left hand. Stabilize the racquet – it should sit flat. When wrapping, the overlap can be less in comparison to an overgrip and with a tighter pull.