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List of Legendary Unique (LUQ) stones. Endlessly Burning Matter, EBM. Decreases the critical rate of the enemies within the position by 12%. Increases the damage that the enemies within the same position receive by 12%. Legendary. Increase the damage that the enemies within the same position receive by 10%.

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In this stone build list, the goal is to list the ideal stone build for each player where the unique stone is necessary. Everyone who read this stone build list, will develop a general concept of how players are actually built, relative to their role.

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Spirit Stones have a fixed amount of chance to evolve to the next star grade every third power-up level. Secondary stats will carry over. Grade 4 Spirit Stone can be evolved into a Grade 5 Spirit Stone (Unique). How to acquire [] Events; Hitting Rank 100; Achievements; Small chance of evolving from upgrading a 4-star rare stone (+3, +6, +9, +12 or +15)

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PvP Striker Stone guide by Kiwoong! Hello everyone, I hope you guys learn a lot from this guide here. It includes a lot of the thought process between deciding on your striker stones. All the examples I gave for legendary strikers are reliable and are used by the best players in the game. Any feedback is appreciated.

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Judgment Radiance, JR. Increases the Attack Power by 50% and decreases the incoming damage by 20% when holding the ball. Recovers the HP by 25% of the damage dealt with an attack or when being attacked. Legendary. Increases the Attack Power by 40% and decreases the incoming damage by 20% when holding the ball.

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Unique Notes; Choi: Thunder crit rate: Ardor reflex: Dark action speed/dribble: Thunder/Light ...

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[Guide] Spirit Stone effects 17.03.01 (5 new uniques update) ... Unique stones: Ardor. ... Soccer Spirits! Developed by BigBall and Published by Com2uS for Android ...

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10 692. 16 038. 24 057. There is a chance for the stone to evolve up a star level when successfully levelling it to +3, +6, +9, +12 and +15. Your stones will also receive an extra stat boost at each of these stages regardless of evolution. The evolution chances are as follows: Rank. Evolution Rate.

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Hi there! Welcome to the the Advanced Guide 2.0. This guide will cover more information that aren't covered in the Beginner's Guide and H3R0's Intermediate Guide.The Advanced Guide will cover a general team build, stat explanation, and various minor topics that seems relevant Things to note before continuing to read this guide. This guide may not contain all the information that you may be ...