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The fuzz on a tennis ball A textile material made of wool, nylon, and cotton is cut out in the shape of a dumbbell, and two such pieces are then glued over the ball (check out the gif below). That’s why a tennis ball has those curvy seams.

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Among the list of many reasons why tennis balls have fuzz, one of the reasons is to give the ball a spin. When a tennis ball is traveling, there are two types of pressure acting on it. One from the front and the other from the back. When this happens, the ball experiences a spin. A ball can spin clockwise or anti-clockwise. So, why is a spin important, you ask?

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One of the reasons why a tennis ball is fuzzy is for resistance while it moves through the air. If the ball is smooth, there will be little friction and the ball will end up moving at high speed. In contrast, when it is fuzzy, it is a little rough, which slows down the movement of the ball.

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In one sentence, I would answer fuzziness permits the ball to grip, spin, control the speed & bounce. The fuzzy texture on a tennis ball helps to grip the strings, slow down the speed and expel it with a uniform bounce on the exterior surface. The fuzzy coating on the ball makes it durable.

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The real reason why tennis balls are fuzzy is so that the racket can get a better grip on the ball and give a better spin. You do not have to give that specific answer, but use this opportunity to let your personality shine through.

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So why are tennis balls fuzzy? Learn a little bit of the history and physics that goes into the fuzz.Thanks to Tulsa University physics professor Jerry McCoy...

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The fuzz covering a tennis ball is called the “nap.” It’s a simple name for the most important component of tennis. But it is also the most expensive part of all.

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Fuzz on a tennis ball isn’t for fun. It’s functional. Tennis balls are made of bouncy rubber, and the felt covering helps make them softer, slow their speed in the air, and regulate their bounce. As importantly, it gives the tennis ball a lot of surface for spin, which is a key part of the game.