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Tennis elbow | Health Navigator NZ

Self-care measures and long term strengthening are key to the treatment of tennis elbow. Treatment may include physiotherapy and medication. Surgery is only an option in the rare case when pain does not subside with continued self-care, strengthening exercises, physiotherapy and medication. Self-care. Tennis elbow takes time to heal.

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Treatment. In most cases of tennis elbow a combination of non-surgical treatments is effective. Painful activities should be avoided and the elbow should be rested. It is important, however, that gentle movement of the elbow and forearm through the full range of motion is maintained. Other initial treatments may include: Ice

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The main symptom is pain over the outside area of the elbow. Treatments include rest, ice packs, and pain medicine. Your. 62 Year Old Gardener plagued by Tennis Elbow, is helped by $13.95 NZ. After being left “spaced out” by a cocktail of drugs to treat his Tennis Elbow, Neil.

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Resting the arm and avoiding doing things that make it worse is the best way to recover. Pain from tennis elbow usually lasts for 6 to 12 weeks, but can vary. Steroid injections are not recommended. While they can provide some relief in the short term, over the longer term they can hold back recovery.

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Tennis elbow often responds well to dry needling. Once the pain and inflammation in the elbow is control. Then a structured rehabilitation protocol to strength the tendon is often required. The focus of treatment is tissue repair.

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Rest the joint and avoid activities that cause pain (e.g. tennis if you have tendinitis of your ...