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How To Position Yourself At The Net In Singles - Tactical Tennis

Stand three feet from the net and it becomes impossible. Indeed get close enough, and even the worst-struck volley will still make it over. Closer to the net you have access to more angles, and can hit the ball softer and still get it over.

Tips From the Tennis Pro: The Tennis Volley | Long Island ...

Let me share with you some of my favorite teaching cues for the volley: 1. Volleying in doubles—proper court positioning Stand in the middle of your service box when your partner is serving. Stand around halfway between the doubles sideline and the net, and halfway between the net and service line (about 21 ft. or so, around 10-11 ft. from the net).

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Forehand Volley - Secrets of the Tennis Forehand Volley ...

The ready position for a forehand volley begins with the initial recognition of the ball. An ideal ready positions is to stand with your body and feet facing the net and with your eyes glued to your opponent’s movements anticipating his/her shot. You have to stand with your feet spread at a shoulder width.

How To Hit A Tennis Volley | Feel Tennis

Volley Drills For Better Feel, Accuracy And Control. In order to develop good feel for the volley and how it feels when you’re simultaneously moving the racquet forward while the ball pushes it back, you need some specific tennis volley drills. The first three have already been explained above: 1. Hit the racquet face with the ball in your ...

The Flowing Tennis Volley Technique And Drills To Master It ...

I use a ball machine and generally stand on the service line to volley, setting the ball trajectory either above or below the top of net at that point of contact. I stand at mid-court to practice half-volleys, which again are not bad, but also not consistent enough. I need to check videos on hitting from below the net.

Where Can You Stand in Doubles Tennis? | Tennis Gems

It is important to note that despite the formation that you and your partner may opt for, you are allowed to stand anywhere in your court during the service, except the service box. You can stand and move anywhere during the rally, including the alley and outside the sidelines.

7 Volley Types You Must Know To Master Your Net Game

The punch volley is a crucial volley for executing a great net attack. To practice the punch volley, stand 3-6 feet from the net and have your partner hit medium paced shots to you that go at least a foot or two above the net. You can consider this volley as the bread and butter of your net game.

7 Drills To Improve Your Volleys – My Tennis HQ

The first volley is the most important volley in both singles and doubles, but most players don’t work on it nearly enough. For this drill, both players start on the deuce side of the court. One player will start on the baseline, while the transitioner will start in “no man’s land.”

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