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The setter is much like the quarterback in football or the point guard in basketball. They are in charge of the offense. They decide who should get the ball and when. It doesn't matter how good a team's hitters are if it doesn't have a setter that can consistently deliver a good ball to hit. The setter is a critical position in volleyball.

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The player in the setter volleyball position gets to every second ball in a rally to set that ball to a hitter who attacks it for a point or sideout. As a player in the setter volleyball position you have to hustle to go after every ball, whether its been passed right to you or if you have to chase it down.

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Setter The setter is an important role that helps set up a scoring point for the team. This is how the setter role works – setter’s responsibility is to hit the ball as a second contact and strike the ball in such a way that the teammate can proceed to smash or further attack.

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Like quarterbacks in football, the volleyball setter position requires the setter to run the offense by deciding the volleyball plays her offense will run. Being A Left Handed Volleyball Setter in the Front Row Has Advantages

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The first men's World Championships were held in 1949; in 1952 the first Championship was held for women. During the summer of 1976, at Will Rogers State Beach, the first professional beach volleyball tournament took place. It was called the "Olympia World Championship of Beach Volleyball".

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50 Interesting Facts About Volleyball. Volleyball like any other sport is meant to help players spend their time doing some physical activity which is also good for the mind. Volleyball is played across the world by people of varying ages and genders. It inculcates in us the value of team spirit and coordination.

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The setter much like the opposite will want to rotate to the 2 spot, ideally you want your team to pass the ball to 2.5 so you can set a quick middle, a set to the outside player in the 4 position or the opposite player at the 10 position.

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Watch your sets and see whether they spin or not. Get in the habit of setting without putting spin on the ball and you will likely never be called for a double contact. Typically, volleyball setters that set the ball much slower will tend to contact the ball with more fingers on the ball.