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What Is an NFL Wild Card Game? | SportsRec

An NFL wild card game is one of the opening round games held each year during the NFL playoffs. Six teams from each conference in the NFL make the playoffs. The two teams in each conference that had the best regular season records get a "bye" in the first week of the playoffs. The other four teams in each conference play in wild card games.

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The wildcard games are the games that take place during the first week of the playoffs, where the lower-ranked division champions (the ones with the worse division records) play the wildcard teams for the right to take on the better division champions in the second, divisional round. By the way, the divisio

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The No. 5 seeded wild card would host the No. 6 seeded wild card in the Championship Game. Under the current playoff format, it is now possible for a wild card team to host a Divisional Round playoff game. That is provided that all three wild card teams (seeded 5–7) win their Wild Card games on the road since teams are re-seeded.

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A fun fact is that one of the managers, who eventually finished in the top-600 ranked 438.5 millionth after game week 3 but before game week 5 with his wildcard move! In the article above, we gave you a detailed account of how and when to use the chip.

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In the NFL, yes. The wildcard round is the first round of the NFL Playoffs.

What is a Wild-Card Playoff Team? (with pictures)

The first round of the NFL playoffs is often referred to as the Wild Card round. It features the two wild card teams playing against the two lowest-seeded division winners. The winners of those two games then play the top two division winners in the Divisional round.

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The wildcard is by far the most powerful asset in the official fantasy football game. Veterans of fantasy football will need no introduction of what a wildcard is and what it does, but those who are relatively new may need a breakdown. It a nutshell it can best be described as a ‘get out of jail free’ card.