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Origin of the Name of the Sport Cricket - Today I Found Out

Today I found out the origin of the name of the sport Cricket. The name is originally thought to either have been derived from the Old French “criquet”, meaning “goal, post, or stick” or from the Middle Dutch “kricke”, meaning “stick” or “staff”. The latter Middle Dutch derivation from “kricke” is generally considered more likely due to the strong medieval trade connections between south-east England and Flanders, which belonged to the Duchy of Burgundy.

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It could have come from the Middle Dutch word kricke meaning a stick, or the old English word cryce meaning crutch, both referring to thing which we call a bat that used to be much leaner and ...

Cricket - Wikipedia

One possible source for the sport's name is the Old English word "cryce " (or "cricc ") meaning a crutch or staff. In Samuel Johnson's Dictionary, he derived cricket from "cryce, Saxon, a stick". In Old French, the word "criquet " seems to have meant a kind of club or stick.

History of Cricket - International Cricket Council

Early Cricket (Pre 1799) Cricket On The Artillery Ground. There is a consensus of expert opinion that cricket may have been invented during Saxon or Norman times by children living in the Weald, an area of dense woodlands and clearings in south-east England. The first reference to cricket being played as an adult sport was in 1611, and in the same year, a dictionary defined cricket as a boys' game.

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It has been suggested that "creag" was an Old English word for cricket, but expert opinion is that it was an early spelling of "craic", meaning "fun and games in general". [2] It is generally believed that cricket survived as a children's game for many generations before it was increasingly taken up by adults around the beginning of the 17th century.

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The first thing you should know if you are considering Cricket for your baby's name is that in most countries all over the world the name Cricket is a girl name. The name Cricket is of English origin, and is used mostly in English speaking countries but also in a few other countries and languages of the world.

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Meanings and history of the name Cricket. An insect that makes a chirping sound; its name is derived from the Old French criquet, meaning "to creak, rattle." Originally Cricket was a nickname for Christine and other Chris- names. Cricket is a bat-and-ball team sport.

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Cricket, England’s national summer sport, which is now played throughout the world, particularly in Australia, India, Pakistan, the West Indies, and the British Isles. It is played with a bat and ball and involves two competing sides (teams) of 11 players. Learn more about cricket, including its rules and origin.